Friday, July 19, 2013

Features to Look for When Buying an Internet TV

Internet TV - or Internet enabled TV - is creating a lot of buzz. This is of little surprise when considering TV's long-standing popularity as a home entertainment device and the fact the Internet is becoming increasingly important within every area of people's lives. Marrying the two into one multi-function set seems to be the logical evolution. Before purchasing an Internet TV, there are, however, a few things you should consider carefully.

First of all, Internet TVs are, at least for the moment, in no way meant to or capable of replacing computers. They are usually not capable of surfing the Web, but are designed to allow users to access some of the Internet's most popular sites and features via their TV. In most cases, features include streaming YouTube videos; watching Netflix movies and maybe update your Facebook or Twitter status. Some may also allow users to view or browse image libraries. In short, most Internet TVs Web functions are restricted to entertainment and news features.

Having said all this, by tomorrow, there will probably be a set or two that can also send e-mails, have you shopping or browsing and so on. There seems little doubt that technology seems to be moving quicker and quicker by the day. Technological advances are definitely hard to keep up with at times.

Varying companies manufacture Internet TVs, each and every one of which has its very own set of features and capabilities. Some stream YouTube clips, others allow browsing of Picasa images and others still stream either Amazon on Demand or Netflix movies. Most of them allow streaming of music either directly from radio stations or in the shape of MP3 collections. Combinations of features will vary significantly between different makes. This, of course, means you will have to work out exactly what features you want before making a purchase.

You may also want to consider achieving Internet capability for you regular TV via add-ons, like BluRay players, for instance, rather than getting a whole TV set. There are already plenty of these players that allow YouTube videos, HD movies and music to be streamed straight off the Web available at fairly reasonable prices. Much less bulky than a new TV, add-ons usually also end up being more affordable.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you will need to consider how your TV will connect to the Internet. Some sets require wiring in through Ethernet cables, some can connect wireless via (separately purchased) receivers and others still can be connected using power-line adaptors. In either case, additional expenses will have to be dealt with in order to make optimal use of your new TV.

All in all, you will have to consider the features you need in order to be able to view the things you wish, the way in which your brand-new Internet TV will actually connect to the Web and how much you are prepared to pay for the pleasure of watching things you could also watch directly on your computer, but from the comfort of your favorite armchair in your front room. 


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